This job makes tremendous claims on our emotional strength.

They were standing still with their eyes wide open.

I don't know the alarm code.

I'm sorry, but that's really not my problem.

God makes you healthy, and the doctor gets the money.

No one wanted to insult these men.


Amanda would've given up.

That probably wouldn't be considered appropriate.

The chances are that you will find him.

I don't have anybody who'll listen to me.

You didn't actually want to do that, did you?

The Altamira cave is famous for its magnificent Paleolithic paintings.

Do any of your friends play guitar?

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All the money put together still won't be enough.

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I've been reading a lot.

Willie has lots of things to tell Lucius.

Skeeter just stared.


It might not happen now.

No wonder the remote isn't working. It doesn't have a battery!

Her dress was cheap.


This is going to hurt him.

I could hardly hear what Jeanette was saying.

This word is also French in origin.


Choose between the two.

I'm dying to have a cup of coffee.

When will he leave for Beijing?

I'm ready to work hard.

I managed not to come even one night.

Bad friends bear bad fruit.

Was Cyrus funny?

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The sons are loved by the parents.

I'm just a little tired.

Aren't you being just a little unreasonable?

I'd like to lose thirty pounds.

They are eager to win the next game.


You'd better be very careful.

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It's not a bribe.

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The good old friends will stand by your side.

I didn't talk to anyone about it.

I only went there once.


Excuse me, without wasabi, please.

They replaced the defective TV with a new one.

I have a report to give tomorrow morning.

In a successful negotiation usually both parties win, and no one acts in a way that damages their own long-term interests, even though there is often a small margin that one can negotiate about.

We haven't caught the thief yet.


You should have accepted her advice.

Don't give away my secret.

I'll tell her you said so.

I don't want to lose any time.

I understand you wish to contact your husband.

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Please turn over these papers and explain the matter to me in detail.

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We haven't seen him since then.

There are a few disadvantages to it.

Apart from the cost, the color of the tie doesn't suit me.


Is he better today?

Tiefenthal asked me if I was happy and I said I was.

Jan has to speak French every day at work.


I'm not even sure if that would help or not.

I am blind in the right eye.

Did you get the cheque?


I'll help find them.


This bracelet is very inexpensive.

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We've seen this before.


When did you first notice that Barrio was missing?

Catherine thought Kylo was lying.

The functions of his brain were very active.

You're being very unfair, Harmon.

Stop beating around the bush and answer my question!

Intoxication is what happens when the brain is affected by certain stimulants.

I'd like to ask Saqib a question or two.

Rakhal couldn't get Vivek to stop smoking.

Nobody that has any common sense would think of doing such nonsense.


A good purpose makes hard work a pleasure.

What's your favorite website?

I have been to Kyoto station to see my father off.

I have other things I want to do.

I definitely think so.


I'll have to get used to that.

Debi paid me a visit yesterday.

I wonder what I should make for dinner.


If Per was angry before, he'll be furious now.

Every morning I buy a newspaper at a newsstand.

Guess what I ate for dinner last night. Popcorn.

They're wrong.

Earth has one naturally occurring satellite, the Moon.


Time was running out for the Earthlings as their planetary environment was in decay. Space travel became a necessity.

Those aren't mine.

That's completely verboten.

You can't sell our piano!

Have any of you ever met Mickey?

Just leave me alone, OK?

It was my responsibility.

What is it you really want?

We're so grateful.


I found an envelope for my letter.

Nobody's seen her.

He's coy about his income.

This is all hypothetical.

The swimming pool will be closed tomorrow.


Why are you undressing?

It was a casual meeting.

I can provide you with some statistical predictions of expected revenues.

The Taiwanese dollar appreciated, causing Taiwanese exports to slump.

The sun burns my eyes.

We have to focus.

Oh my God, Kim talked to me today!


Who plays the lead?

I'm having one hell of a time setting up Japanese as an input on Debian.

To tell the truth, you're all cowards.

I finished my math assignment.

Double-click the icon.

The lion bared its teeth even further.

I can look out for myself.

Can I ask who?

Finally, he gave into my persuasion.

Don't tell them about the party.

Let's postpone until next week.

Trent got back on his motorcycle.

That's what got him killed.


I see that the fate of the land is making you very uneasy.


Carter walked into the room.

I have information for them.

We don't need bread to eat this dish.

We're just busy enough to stay in business.

You know that.


Promotions encourage translators.

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Ram didn't take the threat seriously.

This hedge fund manager made more than one billion dollars.

Please be careful not to forget your card or your change in the machine.


They met at the estate of the shogun's retainer to play a game of cards.


As soon as he graduated, he left town.


Manuel's speech was full of double entendres, most of which went over his audience's head.

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I remember seeing you before.


My brother is a first-year student.

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When it comes to love, women are experts and men eternal novices.


You may not learn to speak as well as a native speaker, but you should be able to speak well enough that native speakers will understand what you have to say.

Ofer sold the guitar that his father gave him.

Amigo didn't mean to offend anyone.


What's your blog about?

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It looks like it's going to rain. Remove the clothes from the line.

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You're not old enough to get a driver's license.

Maturity is a bitter disappointment for which no remedy exists, unless laughter could be said to remedy anything.

This is why we can't have nice things.


What club do you belong to?


Kimmo is overweight.


Do you know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in Paris?


Where will it be?

You should be ashamed of yourself.

I am not fond of pets.


I have a twitch in my right eye.

You should've seen what happened.

They're going to have a problem, I think.

Why do some of your people want your language to die?

The stopcock's turned off.